Certain State Tax Deadlines Extended

Posted by Valerie C. Middlebrooks, CPA

Just as many CPAs and taxpayers anticipated, states have started to extend their tax return due dates. Read our previous update titled, Tax Deadline for Individuals Extended to May 17.

As of this publication, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey are three of the states that have pushed their individual tax filing and payment due date to May 17, while Maryland extended to July 15, 2021. These extensions do not include first quarter estimated payments.

Please keep in mind that state filing and payment deadlines are made on a state-by-state basis and the states listed in the previous sentence are not all-inclusive. You can check to see the status of a particular state by reviewing each state agency’s website, found via this link. This is true for municipalities, as well. We suggest that you research changes to municipalities that affect you by going straight to their website.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to your BLS Team Member or via our contact form.

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