Scam Warning for Pennsylvania Tax Notices

Posted by Jordon Rosen, CPA, MST, AEP®

Pennslyvania Tax Scams - Pennslyvania CPA Unfortunately, there is no shortage of fraudulent schemes to scam you out of your money or grab your identity. It is important to remain vigilant and use common sense to avoid becoming a victim. Businesses and government entities are constantly battling scammers to protect their own information as well as that of their customers. The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue recently issued a fraud notice to address a mail scam which we have posted below. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding this notice or if you think you have received a fraudulent letter.

Excerpt from the notice…

[The Department of Revenue today warned the public of a recently reported mail scam in which con artists have tried to defraud Pennsylvanians by threatening them with legal action or criminal prosecution if they don’t pay an illegitimate tax debt immediately.

A number of residents have recently reported receiving notifications through the mail from the “Tax Processing Center.” The notices say the recipient owes “The State of Pennsylvania” unpaid taxes and a “warranted lien” has been issued in their name.

The notices pressure recipients to immediately call the phone number provided to avoid a criminal penalty, property seizure and civil proceedings. The notices say the phone number provided will connect callers with a “Levy and Warrant Officer.”]

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