Changing Jobs? Are You Forgetting Something?

We live in an ever changing world. Some areas which will most likely change many times during your lifetime include your car, job, the place where you live, your hobbies, your relationships with others, and even the organizations you associate with.

Cancelled Debt Business Impact - Delaware CPA

Canceled Debt – The Business Effect

As a general rule, an individual taxpayer who is not considered insolvent or in bankruptcy may have to treat cancelled debt unrelated to their personal home as taxable income.

Affordable Care Act - Delaware CPA

The Affordable Care Act and Your Tax Return

It’s tax time! This means it’s now time to report your compliance (or lack of compliance) of the Affordable Care Act to the IRS. If you and every member of your household had health insurance coverage the entire year, compliance is as simple as checking the box on line 61 of Form 1040 (line 38 of Form 1040-A, or line 11 of Form 1040-EZ).