Delaware Relief Grants Update from the Delaware Division of Small Business

    Posted by Jonathan A. Patterson, CPA, CVA   The Delaware Division of Small Business just released three important changes related to the DE Relief Grants program.     Businesses no longer need to demonstrate a revenue decline of at least 7.5 percent from 2019 to 2020. Instead, they will only need to prove they experienced a decrease in … Continued

COVID-19 Update: SBA Released Streamlined Application for Some PPP Borrowers

Posted By: Jon Patterson, CPA, CVA   On October 8,2020, following requests by many businesses and lenders across the country, the Small Business Administration released a streamlined application for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) borrowers who borrowed $50,000 or less (affiliate groups are excluded). The application, Form 3508S. Although Form 3508S is a shorter form, it is not an automatic approval … Continued

COVID-19 Update: Paycheck Protection Program FAQs

Posted By Jon Patterson, CPA, CVA Important guidance related to Paycheck Protection Loans was recently shared by the United States Treasury via their Frequently Asked Questions. Out of the 42 questions listed, there are two ‘hot topic’ questions that we would like to draw your attention to in this particular BLS Important Update Question 31: Do businesses owned by large companies … Continued

Delaware Business Valuations

Common Valuation Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you are considering a business sale, merger, or acquisition or need to understand an organization’s value for another reason, such as estate planning or gifting, determining an accurate value will help you make smart.

Business Valuation Documentation

Documentation Needed for a Business Valuation

There are many reasons that a business owner needs to have a business valuation performed. Often these include a merger or acquisition, divorce, estate planning, exit or succession planning, and shareholder or partner disputes.

Online Sales Business - Tax Planning

Are you REALLY ready to start your online sales business?

E-commerce is a rapidly growing area and many individuals are trying to get in on the action. No matter what platform you chose for selling (Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, etc.), there are items that you may not consider or even know about, but must be addressed.

Employee Classification - Delaware CPA

Employee v. Independent Contractor

If you have read the news lately, you might have seen the various headlines about Uber. One particular headline that has crossed on June 17th was the California Labor Commission classifying the Uber drivers as employees and not contractors. This has always been a hot topic with the IRS, independent contractor versus an employee but with the Uber publicity will this raise more questions among businesses?

Buy Sell Agreements - Delaware CPA Firm

Have You Tested Your Buy-Sell Agreement?

Many businesses upon formation or soon thereafter, put in place a buy-sell agreement to protect the business from the event that an owner (voluntarily or involuntarily) leaves the company.

You Bought a MLP for Deferred Taxes, but Now…

You may have heard this past Sunday, it may have been Monday morning, or you’re just reading it now: Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P. (NYSE: KMP) broke news on Sunday August 10 on the consolidation of all the Kinder Morgan entities, which resulted in a 17% increase in the stock value that day