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Doing Business in a New State? Watch out for Trap Doors

Generally the CPA’s relationship with a new client begins due to a need for tax return preparation, financial statement preparation or both. Often, as business thrives and client needs expand, the CPA becomes involved with consulting and providing guidance on significant business decisions.

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The Nanny Tax

Have you hired a household employee? If so, what are your responsibilities for that employee? If you’ve hired anyone to do work in or around your home and you control how the work is done,

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Alternative Minimum Tax – Not Your Average Tax Hike

The Tax Reform Act of 1969 included one of the more clever devices to hit the Internal Revenue Code in the history of tax legislation, in my opinion. While public disapproval will commonly follow anything associated with raising taxes…

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Welcome to A Matter of Tax

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the complicated tax regulations?  Looking for some indispensable understanding of tax compliance and planning?  You are not the only one! BLS has been listening and answering questions from clients and friends for over 90 years and we have decided to launch our latest blog, A Matter of Tax, to share these answers and to … Continued